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Knocked down, get back up! Henry Winnington

My name is Henry Winnington I’ll be 12 on the 12th January and I love riding.

Back in 2021 I thought my dreams had ended, a week after. my first One Day Event where I came 3rd, I fell off my pony Megan at a Pony Club rally. I can’t remember much as I had a seizure. An ambulance arrived and took me to hospital to check me out. Once I was seen I mentioned my back hurt me, so the doctor sent me for a X-ray and they kept me in to check I was OK for a few hours.

Next thing I knew I was being strapped into this big red thing as the doctor told me and Mum I wasn’t allowed to move until I had a CT scan of my back. Turns out I’d fractured my back in 3 places and damaged a disc!