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The JCB Pony Club Championships 2022



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Our own Charlie Boardman, who writes regularly for us and is a great advocate for boys riding had a fantastic result with his young horse -  coming 10th in the 90cm eventing competition. 

You will be able to read more about their days competing in dressage, showjumping and cross country in the next issue of the magazine.


9 year old reader Alistair was in a team with his two friends Neive and Connie and together they won the area qualifiers earlier this year which secured them  a place at the  Championships on Thursday 18th of August


Some of the images from our day at the champs

Ally very kindly wrote all about it for us...

I love doing badges and learning new ways to care for my ponies, so when I was selected for a Horse and Pony Care team in the Minis section I was so happy! My pony club really supported us to do well in the competition and we had regular zoom meetings and practical sessions to revise the syllabus.

On the day there were ten stations that we had to make our way around for the championship competition, offering a maximum of 10 marks each. We were asked questions about feeding, horse behaviour, field management, grooming, equine dentistry, different types of bits and loads more! We were quite nervous to start with and it took us a little while to settle into the competition, but we soon gained confidence and were answering all of the questions to the best of our ability. I knew the most about grooming I think, and Neive knew lots about the different breeds of horse, and Connie was very experienced with bits and feeding. We picked up lots of points for teamwork and made some educated guesses when we weren’t sure. The standard was extremely high, as you would expect from the Pony Club Champs, but we did our best and managed to come 12th out of the 30 qualifying teams, which is brilliant!

My favourite part of the day was receiving a plaque to put up on my pony’s stable door, showing that I have attended Pony Club Champs 2022! It was amazing to be part of such an awesome competition, the atmosphere was electric and I felt really proud of myself for getting there and representing my pony club! It was also really cool to speak to some of the other teams, some of which had come all the way from Scotland and Northern Ireland! We got to spend some time watching the ridden rings too and it was great to see other people from my pony club doing so well with their horses.

To qualify for the championships, competitors take part in area competitions with their branch team members.  Those who are successful may compete in team and individual competitions. 

While most of the competitions take place at Offchurch Bury, the Polo this year was played at the Cowdray Park Polo Club.

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Young reader Devon, had a brilliant championships and with his team from the Beaufort Hunt PC came team 2nd!


The Pony Club Championships are an exciting week of competitions across 8 equestrian disciplines.  Taking place primarily at Offchurch Bury in Warwickshire it is the highlight of the year for many pony club competitors.  We were excited to attend midweek where we were able to watch some high quality show jumping and dressage, take a look around the shops and meet with some of the Pony Club officials that make the event possible.  The championships consist of:

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