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About Us


These two crazy horse boys are the reason that this magazine was imagined and now finally, has arrived.  

They have been riding together since they were 6 years old and are now both just into their teens.

These days they look a bit different...

Photo from Kerry Howard_edited_edited.jpg

We have come so far from our first issue, a year ago in the midst of lockdown. We have produced 6 digital issues and met some amazing equestrians, both those who we have featured in the magazine, and our readers.  We have just produced and released our first printed issue which includes loads of great content from passionate, knowledgeable equestrian writers as well as carefully researched articles of our own. We have been inspired and enthused by all the generous people who wish to share their horsey sports, activities and experiences with our young readers.  We are now hoping that you also share news of our magazine so we can keep reaching more young equestrians and continue to produce our magazine which has been met with so much enthusiasm and excitement. 

There is SO much more to come!

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